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Organic Skincare,
handmade with premium ingredients.

When you are stressed out,
drop an F. Bomb!
f. bomb

drop it


New 2019 Collection!

Honey. Oats. Goat Milk.

Total Bath Blast!
This ginormous bath bomb is 3 lbs. It is the size of 12 bath bombs combined. 
Would you use it all at once or would you break it and use multiple times?
Try the best of  "The Pain" collection. Salve is a thick rubbing oil that is infused with herbs and botanicals naturally. This is the most potent option for the ultimate relief. 
Natural Healing
Heal your pain naturally without putting harsh chemicals in your system. Feel the goodness of the nature.  
Infused with Love...
We infuse our own oils with herbs and botanicals in natural light. 


We hand craft our products in small batches to bring you the freshest, most natural experience you need.
You can buy a variety of Bath and Body Sets for any occasion or you can order your custom set special to your needs.
Get rid of dry skin and toxins with these natural scrubs. We infuse our own oils and salts with herbs and botanicals. 
Foot soaks are a great quick way to relax your feet. Let weight of the day lift off your feet. 
Bath and Body Sets
Body Scrubs
Foot Soaks


Bath & Body

Our Bath Bombs...
Good for your sensitive skin – gentle and pleasant yet ultra effective.
 Easier alternative to relax your body and get rid of stress caused by busy, hectic lifestyle.
Convenient spa experience at home.
Sea Salts and Epsom Salts help improve blood circulation and ease muscular pain and give great relief.

Detoxifies your skin – thanks to the blend of Essential Oils & Sea Salts which flush away all the toxins.
Natural Raw Butters and Oils help nourish and deeply moisturize your skin.

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