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Host your own
Bath Bomb Parties

Birthday Parties
Bachelorette Parties
Creative and fun activity for your or your childrens birthday parties. We bring the ingredients and the instructor. You have fun making and designing your own bath bomb. Best part is, you get to keep it and pamper yourself.
Looking for an activity to start your fun night with something creative and relaxing? Make your own bath bombs while sipping on a glass of wine or cocktail. You get to keep your bath bomb and next day use it to help get rid of the toxins of your crazy bachelorette party.
Bridal Showers - Baby Showers
"Just for fun" Parties
Everybody loves leaving a party with favors. Our instructor will bring the ingredients and everybody gets to leave the party with favors. We also have surprise games. Make your own bath bombs during your Bridal and Baby showers. Enjoy a creative and fun get together.
Do you want to have some girl time? Are you looking for a play date activity? Thinking about a fun and creative team building exercise? 
Call us for your next party, event, gathering. Our instructor brings all the ingredients and you get to make your bath bombs. Fun does not end at the party. Keep your bath bomb and pamper yourself with a lushious bath.
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